For Investors

Higher rate of return

Investing with Mass Renovation nets a higher rate of return than many other investment types. However it does come with a higher risk. You can choose if you want a fixed rate of return or if you are open to more risk, you can share in the profits directly! We have options for investors to receive higher and lower risk rates, contact us for more information.

Why choose Mass Renovation?

Our experience, our background, our reputation. With over a decade of real estate investing experience, we know what investors want. As investors ourselves, we know how to find and structure deals to easily work with outside investors. We can help you choose a buy and hold or buy and flip strategy that works for you. Your investments are secured by the properties you are invested into and you will receive a better return than many other investment types. Your money is usually "last in, first out" meaning we pay back interest to you first and pay off your note before anything else.

Our team

Unlike some other real estate companies, we have a strong accounting and financial background. We invest "heads first" and we don't get bogged down in appearances of the properties.

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